Smile Facts

Celebrate smiling with Xywhite! Having great, shiny white teeth free from cavities is just one reason to smile. There’s 1,001 more reasons to flash those pearly whites—like your successes, your time with family and friends, your fresh encounters, and all the other moments that can only get better when you smile.

Need we say more? Here are some of the physical health benefits to be gained from smiling.


Stress is ever-present in our world. You may not be able to change that, but you can choose how to respond. How about smiling? Studies in the field of psychology recognize smiling as a natural and free means to prevent stress hormones from trying to build up inside you. Don’t give in, smile and avoid stress!

Mood Booster

It’s more than just a stress reliever. Smiling can also boost your overall mood transforming it to a positive one. One experimenter injected participants with a formula to prevent their facial muscles from frowning. The result? Improved moods. A 360 degree turn from feeling down is possible! All it takes is a smile.


A good state of heart could cause a smile, but did you know that a smile could cause a good state of heart as well? Science has known for some time now that there’s a connection between a frequently smiling face and a healthy heart. Aside from being able to slow heart rates, smiling can also lower blood pressure. Smile more to lessen the risk of heart disease!

Immune System Enhancer

If negative thoughts could decrease the body’s immunity, positive ones do the complete opposite. What better and easier way to express positive thoughts other than a smile? If it will lead to laughter, then all the better! Laughter therapy is quite common in the realms of medicine and therapy. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.

Productivity Booster

Smiling out of happiness promotes productivity not just for you but for others around you as well, especially in your workplace. It’s no wonder that majority of leaders in workplaces favor employees who smile. Nowadays, there is also more effort on the side of managers in finding ways to make employees happy. Always try to find a reason to be happy. Who knows? That promotion might be just a smile away!

Free Pain Killer

If you are physically hurting somewhere, try to make yourself smile and laugh. It could be by watching a comedy or those funny videos on YouTube. As numerous studies have proven, the endorphins you release when smiling or laughing can serve as natural pain killers. They can even increase your pain tolerance over time!

Longer Life

Another perk of smiling is a longer life. One psychological study concluded that people who smile more live more years compared to those who don’t. Around seven more years to be exact. Smiling is to your body the same as car maintenance is to a car. A well-maintained car will consequently live longer than a poorly-maintained one. Similarly, a life of smiles leads to a longer one.

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